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Ok, guys, so click on the link above and it will take you to a website that allows you to click on buttons and it activates the toys inside the shelter and you get to play with the cats that are waiting for homes!!

Probably one of the COOLEST ideas ever!!!


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“Exhilaration fizzed through Clarke’s body. Before she realized what she was doing, she had thrown her arms around Bellamy. He joined in her laughter as he staggered backward, and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her up and spinning her through the air. The colours of the clearing swirled, green and gold and blue all blurring until there was nothing in the world but Bellamy’s smile, lighting up his eyes. Finally he set her down gently on the ground. Be he didn’t loosen his grip. Instead he pulled her even closer, and before Clarke had time to catch her breath, his lips were on hers. A voice in her brain told her stop, but it was overpowered by the smell of his skin and the pressure of his touch. Clarke felt like she was melting into his arms, losing herself in the kiss. He tasted like joy, and joy tasted better on Earth.” 

What needs to happen^^

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Soul Eater manga (v. 4, ch. 10, pgs. 15-21)

*falls over and cries for twenty years*

Because Maka looks mildly perturbed in the last panel, in the kind of way that you get when something unexpected is sprung on you that you don’t want to happen. Understandable - if this all goes wrong, her dream of becoming a great scythe-meister is pretty much over; not to mention that hey, Soul’s her friend and her partner and it would seriously suck to lose him.

Soul, on the other hand, looks completely fucking terrified. 

Because just for starters, he already trusts her way too deeply to even try and develop that kind of trust with someone else. It’s not shown explicitly in the anime, but from what’s there and from what I’ve seen around I can assume that Soul was only in the piano room to begin with because he hadn’t found a meister. And I’m sure that did absolute WONDERS for his self-esteem - it’s clear that Soul is very good at reading people (likely a holdover from learning to navigate all the posturing and facades that come with being raised in a high-prominence family), and regardless of what any prospective partners might have said he would be able to tell that he’d scared them off one way or another. With his teeth, with his eyes, with SOMETHING, and knowing the sheer quantity of self-loathing that he has I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he found reasons that weren’t even there.

So then comes this little girl in pigtails, and at this point he probably figured ‘what’s he point in trying to not scare people off anymore’ and let her have his soul in a song. And far from being run off by something that deeply, terrifyingly personal, she accepted it. And what’s more, she APPLAUDED it. Even just with that, Maka started to get under his skin and make something of a home there - and that was the beginnings of the complete and total loyalty to her that spurred him to throw himself in front of a literal sword to keep her safe.

At this point, he probably views that as basically his central purpose in life: protect Maka, help Maka, be there to keep her safe. It’s there with painful clarity in the way he says ‘I’m prepared to die for you’ so offhandedly, like it’s one of those ambient facts of life - the sky is blue, the grass is green, and he’d die for her without a second thought. And leading through that is the conclusion that at this point, Soul’s entire sense of self-worth is caught up in his value to his meister. Along with that, as something he’s probably picked up and internalized from his family, someone’s value can drop to zero at a moment’s notice. (Not a musical prodigy, or not the right kind of musical prodigy? Plummeting worth.) Part of that might simply be miscommunication, but regardless of the intent it’s likely that Soul ended up experiencing this to some degree growing up. And with that in mind, what use or value does he hold as a weapon partner if he can’t resonate?

Never mind the fact that Maka is just as loyal to him as he is to her, never mind that he jumped in front of a sword for her and has been ready and (almost suicidally) willing to sacrifice himself for her on so many occasions. All he’s thinking of right there is ‘anything but this’. ‘Anything but this mystery training that could take you away from me if it all goes wrong.’ And he’s such a cynical person about his won life, because when has anything ever been easy or good for him up to this point except Maka? And if this fails, he won’t even have her.

So of course on the next page he tries to persuade her out of it. Of course he’s so shocked when she agrees without even taking the time to think it over. And when she doesn’t give him much more of an explanation than ‘because I said so, now do it’, the most obvious conclusion he can come to is that he isn’t good enough or strong enough or adequate to be her partner. Completely untrue to the reader, of course, since we can see the reasoning behind Maka’s decision. But to Soul, with self-esteem issues a mile wide, what else would you expect him to think when something like this happens?

His meister’s taking drastic, potentially partnership-shattering measures and won’t tell him why, right after a stretch of time when she couldn’t even bear to look at the scar he got protecting her. That’s not exactly very confidence-inspiring. But Maka’s his meister, his partner, and when she tells him to get on with it, he does. Because he trusts her enough, and is devoted to her enough that he’d follow her lead into a situation that could kill off the one goo thing he’s had in quite some time. Because even though he’s completely fucking terrified of what might happen, he still trusts her to make it okay.

And then, when they actually get around to listing off each other’s faults? He only says the superficial ones first, the ones that don’t really matter. It’s not until things really start rolling between them that he brings up the issues of communication. "What is wrong with you lately?" The question, had it been just ‘what is wrong with you?’, might have been interpreted as being solely about this training session. It is, after all, out-of-the-blue, and obviously wasn’t discussed at all with him beforehand. But adding ‘lately’ to the end gives it a whole new meaning.

Maka’s been shown to be pretty out-of-sorts since the fight with Crona, as I mentioned before. She’s a pretty outwardly-expressive person in general, and Soul would usually be able to read her like an open book. But given their communications breakdown lately? He’s confused and annoyed because Maka’s been keeping him out of the loop about this, and kinda scared because of the threat to their resonance and partnership should this exercise go wrong. Not really a pleasant time for him in general. But then Maka drops the ‘I want to get stronger to protect you’ bomb on him, and you can see how hard it hits him when she says that. He’s tense, and hurt, because him getting himself filleted is is own fault and not Maka’s so why is she blaming herself for it?

Saying that she wants to get stronger to keep him out of harm’s way just confuses him, so he tells her. The weapon protects the meister, after all. And then she turns it right back on him and says that ‘she doesn’t like being protected by anyone’. In the official translation, if i remember correctly, she actually says that she doesn’t want to be protected by HIM. This, of course, strikes something of a double blow - not only is she completely subverting what he’s come to embrace as his sole purpose in life (“The weapon protects the meister”), but she’s essentially rejecting his sacrifice as well.

What he’s getting out of her statement isn’t ‘I don’t want you to get hurt protecting me’, which is probably what she intended. Instead, he interprets it as ‘I don’t want you around any more, and I’m trying to become strong enough to make your purpose in life irrelevant.’ Any way you slice it, that’s bad, and you can see it hit him like a ton of bricks. He tries so hard to mask it, and to not let Maka see how badly she just hurt him, but you can TELL. And it makes them both miserable.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and sob in a corner.

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